Church Staff

Pastor and Mrs Matanda


phone: 07445553486

Pastor Matanda is an Accountant by profession, a Holder of BA Hons. in Theology and a Masters in Contemporary Christian Theology from Chester and Newman University. Pastor Melody is a Banker by profession and worked with Barclays Bank. She is also a holder of a BA Hons. in Theology from Chester University. The couple have four kids ; two boys and two girls. Pastor Matanda has been a member of the AFM Church from an early childhood. He has risen through the ranks of the Church from being a Sunday School Teacher, local Assembly and Regional Youth Leader, Assembly Administrator and a Deacon. Pastor and Mrs Matanda has the vision to see the youth being empowered and seeing the Church winning souls for Jesus through the demonstration of Jesus' Love and Power. They are the current Pastors for AFM IM UK Derby Ruach Assembly.

Deacon and Deaconess Chabaya

Vice Chairperson

phone: 07445553486

Mr and Mrs Chabaya born and bread in Masvingo, married on 9/3/78. Blessed with 5 good children 2 boys Shadreck and Tinashe 3 daughters Mandy,Norah and Nyasha. Blessed with gorgeous 8 grandchildren 8 girls and 2 boys, 1 daughter-in- law and 2 son- in-laws. I grew up going to DRC, daddy going to R/C so we continued to go to R/C and came to. AFM and baptised on the 11/05/97. We have served the Lord since in Youth, Ladies, ushering and main church leadership, vice chairman for quite a long time in Nottingham and Chairman for Derby Ruach for a short time, ordained as deacon and deaconess 0/2016. We have seen the Hand of the Lord in our lives. We will worship Him and Him alone and surely goodness and mercy shall us all the days of our lives.

Mr and Mrs Zhuwankinyu

Church Secretary

phone: 07445553486

Mr and Mrs Zhuwankinyu have 2 children Shumiraishe and Danai and we are devout Christians who possess the kingdom mentality. We have served in God’s kingdom in various capacities ranging from youth leaders, deacons and senior church leaders in Glad Tidings Fellowship Zimbabwe since 1986. We joined AFMIM Derby Ruach in 2015 and feel part of the God’s family. We have been part of The Abundant Life For All Ministries ( ALFA ) under the leadership of Reverend Chiundiza, Dr Pashapa, Pastor Gore and Pastor Joe Mutate where we had our biblical foundations laid. We believe in entrepreneurship and want to empower our generation to become enterprising and create wealth to help spread the gospel. To God be glory and Honour.

Mr and Mrs Machiri

Church Admin

phone: 07445553486

Mr and Mrs Machiri are both Intercession and Youth Leaders at AFM IM Derby Ruach Assembly. Mr Machiri is also the church admin.It is their belief that spiritual growth is a choice and is necessary to deepen our relationship with God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. It is making Jesus the Lord of our lives, and submitting to the guiding power and blessings of the Holy Spirit. Growing in our spirituality is the desire to become righteous and more Christ-like in our everyday lives. As the Youth Leaders, Mr and Mrs Machiri are passionate to work with and develop AFM IM Derby Ruach Assembly's existing vision for an integrated Youth Ministry of both community and church young people.

Deacon and Deaconess Shumba

Board Members

phone: 07445553486

Deacon and Deaconess Shumba , devoted members for AFM Derby. They have been with the assembly since it started and have helped church grow with through their work ,support and commitment.Deacon Shumba is the church administrator and deaconess Shumba is in Praise and Worship plus ladies committee.

Deacon and Deaconess Gangaidzo

Board Members

phone: 07445553486

Deacon Gangaidzo is the church secretary. Deaconess Gangaidzo is part of the Ladies committee.They feel fulfilled when doing the work of God. They are both enjoy serving in church and are very hospitable.

Mr and Mrs Manuwa

Couples Team Leaders

phone: 07445553486

Mr Manuwa is men's fellowship leader and also a board member.Mrs Manuwa is the Sunday school teacher.

Mr and Mrs Dhliwayo

BOT Chairperson

phone: 07445553486

"My wife and I gave our lives to Christ over 27 years ago. However, the seeds of the Lord were planted in us very early on. Immediately after conversion, we sought a more active and rewarding relationship with God under the mentorship and leadership of renowned people of God. This inspired me to acquire a Bible Studies Diploma from Africa Multinational For Christ College(AMFCC). This transformation inspired family members and friends to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We have been fellowshipping at Derby Ruach assembly since May 2016 where we continue seeing the Grace of God upon the fast growing church .Our God is a very good God"

Mr and Mrs Hwenga


phone: 07445553486

Mr Hwenga is a member of board of trustees and charity ministry. Mrs Hwenga is a worshiper in praise and worship team.